What is One On One Mentoring?

One On One Mentoring provides mentors for kids ages 6-17. We provide activities for those matches and those on the waiting list once a month. Some of our past activities have included picnics, sporting events, bowling, swimming, fishing, etc.


How are mentors chosen?

We recruit mentors from various organizations around town. The mentors are matched with kids through a process called best-fit match. This means that several areas are looked at to make sure that the child is matched with a mentor who has the same interests. This also means that a child is not put at the bottom of the list, so regardless of how many kids we have waiting there is no beginning and end.


How am I cleared to be a mentor?

Our mentors go through a screening process that includes: driver’s checks, background checks, a fingerprint check, an interview and several references. Mentors must also keep a current driver’s license and insurance.


What is the role of the mentor?

The mentor is there to be a friend and confident for your child. They are not there to be a parent or to discipline the mentee (child). They are there to help with homework, take them on special outings and just be a friend.

The mentor signs a contract to spend an average of 3 hours a week for one year. At the end of that year, it is up to the mentor and mentee to decide if they want to continue their partnership.


Do I have a choice in mentees?

Yes. The mentor will meet with the case manager, parent(s) and the child to talk and see how they get along. After this meeting, a case manager will talk with both parties and see if they are in agreement. It is only after you give your permission and sign the match paperwork that their match is official.


What if I have questions or concerns after the match?

At the time of the match, you will be given the case manager’s name and phone number. If at any time you have questions, concerns or comments, please call them. If they cannot assist you, they will provide you with the name and number of the executive director.

If you have any other questions, please call us at 520-624-4765.